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Essay in Swedish about  fan fiction.

Ordkonst Magazine, 2022:2 - Rolldikting, Lund, 2022


Essay in Swedish about extra work and making a living as an artist.

Publication for the group exhibition Värdsutställningen, Konsthall, Årstaberg, Stockholm, 2020

Grand Hotel des Bains

Essay in English about passion and art, in conversation with Tomas Mann’s Death in Venice. Part of the art work Grand Hotel des Bains.

Group exhibition curated by Linnea Hansander, That summer feeling, Bångska våningen, Stockholm, 2019


A text in Swedish about fans mourning the death of a Korean boy band star.

Ordkonst Magazine, 2018:3 - City, Lund, 2018

Love song 

A master thesis in English about romantic love, art and love songs.

Masters Program In Fine Art, Konstfack, Stockholm, 2017


Co-written with Elin Mellerstedt.

A book in Swedish about being a fan of South Korean pop.

Ebook and hard package, Bladh by Bladh, Stockholm, 2013

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